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What if it could be a little easier?

My masseuse asked a question that had me thinking this week:

“Can you allow yourself to revel in time and space with the certainty that your dreams will all get created" -- and this is the part that caught me off guard -- "effortlessly?"

For much of my life, I have worked my butt off on my way to my goals. The solution to any problem was always to work harder. But this year, I chose “ease and flow” as the words to carry me through the year. We have all been in the push, work-hard mode. We are swimming in it.

What if, instead of trying to control an outcome through force and pushing, we trust our vision, we trust nature, and we trust spirit to lead us in ease and flow?

Interestingly, holding a vision and trusting nature doesn’t require less work or just sitting back and doing nothing. In my experience, it requires extreme commitment, bravery, and action. The difference is, this type of work is life-giving and the ROI is higher.

For the past month, I’ve been putting together my signature event, Increase Your Income and Impact. At the beginning of the year, I hadn’t engaged with my community for over 2 years. I hadn’t been on social media for that time either. You would think I had to work super hard and put all these strategies in place, but instead, I decided to work with spirit, to work with nature, to trust in something bigger than myself.

What have you been pushing for or how are you trying to control the outcome in your life?

I invite you to stop hustling and start aligning with nature’s desires for us.

This is the Divine Feminine: allowing yourself to receive and knowing when it is enough instead of the masculine paradigm of more, more, more.

When I find myself pushing and working too hard, I remind myself of MY plans and DIVINE plans. And the divine has a bigger plan for you than you can even imagine.

I’d love to invite you to check out my upcoming event Increase Your Income and Impact where we go in-depth on how to make more money and make a bigger difference with ease.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend full of ease, flow, and pleasure!


Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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