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Tania Vasallo and The Courage To Be Happy have always believed in giving a hand up rather than a handout.  

"Teach a woman how to fish instead of giving her the fish."

Since I started this business I was very clear that I would be giving back along the way and I would show all the women in our community how they were giving back and having an impact too. How?

When you invest in your future through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. You are having an impact! Because with every product you purchase, you support a person in need.

You help us employ everything we’ve got: our platform, community, and profits to tackle extreme poverty and inequality that’s devastating women and children worldwide.

Making a Difference

A portion of all your purchases as well as our coming together during our live events we have made sure to lift other women as we climb. 

We know women can transform the planet. When you change one woman’s life it creates a ripple effect like a pebble in a pond… it changes her family’s life and those close to her, which in turn can affect a community and when communities change, a state, a country and ultimately the world can transform.

“When more women work, economies grow. Women’s economic empowerment boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality in addition to other positive development outcomes.”  ––Quote From the UN

We believe it all starts with inspiring children to love education and learning, and then empowering women to become the best they can be and make a difference – starting in their own life and then creating that ripple effect. Having an impact!

We are committed to making big changes in the world. You’ll find it gratifying to know that when you purchase our products or programs YOU TOO will be transforming our planet!


Imagine the difference we can make when tens of thousands of other women are giving too.

This is how together we are improving lives:

In the last 5 years we are proud to say that The Courage To Be Happy community has contributed over $35,000 to the following organizations
El Salitre Woman.jpg

An hour outside of Guatemala City, bordering a highly polluted lake, you will find El Salitre. In this impoverished area of the city Amatitlan, 5,000 residents — mostly women and children — live in abject poverty. The obstacles here are many: violence and malnutrition, and no access to clean water, sewage treatment, or electricity.

Over the past two years, El Salitre’s Women and Children’s Center has been involved in a life-changing capital campaign to develop its own two-acre site for the benefit of its families and countless others in the future.

Each phase of development brings the center closer to realizing a long-awaited dream: having a safe place where women can live, work and raise their children.

Esperanza Shelter is a domestic abuse agency. We offer safe, confidential housing, counseling, food, clothing, and supplies—for you and your children if you have kids. We can help get you to our shelter if you don’t have transportation. Esperanza also helps abuse survivors work within the court system. And again: All program services are provided at no cost to survivors.

Esperanza Shelter primarily serves Santa Fe County and the Eight Northern Pueblos. We occasionally shelter domestic abuse victims from other parts of New Mexico and even some from other parts of the U.S. when necessary.  Esperanza Shelter has been committed to its mission for 40 years.

Esperanza photo.jpg
Gerards House.png

Gerard’s House is your Santa Fe center for grieving kids and families. When a child or teenager experiences the death of a parent or other loved one, we are there with free grief support services and we have been since 1997. Gerard’s House is here for everyone in our community who is grieving. Because so many families experience barriers when they need grief support, we energetically focus on reaching the city’s most vulnerable grieving youth—kids who have immigrated from war-torn and impoverished regions, kids coping with homelessness and kids who have attempted suicide. 

Pomegranate Seed’s mission is to mentor young women in order to create healthy and strong individuals who are socially and fiscally responsible to themselves and their community. This is accomplished through the vehicle of dance, talking circles, journal writing, and presentations.

Seeds for web.jpg
Girls Inc Web.JPG

For 65 years, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has inspired girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold.  We provide girls throughout Santa Fe with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face.  Girls Inc. gives girls the tools and support they need to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment; peers who share their drive and aspirations; and research-based programming.  At Girls Inc., girls learn to set and achieve goals, boldly confront challenges, resist peer pressure, and see college as attainable. Our programming focuses on healthy living (Strong); academic enrichment and support (Smart); and life skills and independence (Bold).

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