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SHE donated 15 million!!

Women in almost every income bracket give nearly twice as much as their male counterparts.

Say what???

I read an article in Forbes last week about Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, Bezo’s ex wife, who just donated 15 million to VisionSpring, a New York nonprofit that sells affordable eyeglasses to low-income customers in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

And that’s not even a huge amount! 😳

She received a quarter of Bezos’ Amazon stock in their 2019 divorce and has given away more than $12.7 billion to more than 1,200 groups since the middle of 2020.

One of them being planned parenthood, to which she donated a $275 million gift. Now that’s powerful!!!

Why am I sharing this?

Because you might be like I was several years ago where my interest in making money and learning about money wasn't huge.

I felt like that wasn’t my thing.

I just wanted to play it safe, stay in my comfort zone and make just enough to be able to save, feel secure, enjoy some pleasures in life: like nice meals, family travel, spa days but why bother trying to learn about money and make more money?

It wasn’t until I was at a dinner in a mastermind retreat several years ago that an almost 7 figure colleague –Who is now past the million dollar mark in her business– said “If I’m going to work as much making 6 figures, why not make seven figures? Once my basis is covered, I could give a lot more.”

And that got me!

That’s what jump started my curiosity to want to learn more about: how to make money, what systems to put in place, how to grow my money so that I can ultimately give more away and have a bigger impact in this world.

You see, I’ve always liked giving, especially to the causes that light up my heart.

Mackenzie Scott is such an inspiration!! you could argue:

“But she’s a billionaire… it’s so much easier to give when you have so much”

I’d say “Yes, you’re right, those are her circumstances.

Maybe you currently give and donate within a specific budget.

Wouldn’t it be awesome though, that instead of giving $25, $50, $100 or even $1000 to your favorite charities that instead you could just pull out your checkbook and write a $100,000 check or a 1 million dollar check!

It would feel great and on top of that you can create change.


The more you can donate the bigger the impact and the bigger the ripple effect.

That’s the reason that you see me talking about money, wanting to learn how to make, keep and grow my money and I want this for every woman in the world.

Money touches everything and the more I can master this subject, the more I can take care of myself, my family, my community and eventually make some pretty substantial donations.

Imagine closing the gender gap in pay and on top of that that the more we make as women we donate it to all of our favorite causes. What would our world look like?

Thanks, Mackenzie for inspiring us to stretch ourselves and be a bigger change in the world!

To your prosperity and abundance!


PS: If you’d like to hear more on this subject of how we can make more money and why money shouldn’t be scary or ignored, come and listen to my interview on Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer


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