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Please Don’t Do This!

  • Did you know that we have an average of 60,000 thoughts per day?

  • What have your thoughts been today?

  • Have you been kind to yourself?

  • Have you been building yourself up or putting yourself down?

If you have been putting yourself down with self-criticism, judgment, please STOP!

Our thoughts are the primary drivers of our beliefs, our beliefs will drive our actions and our actions will create the results we currently have in our lives.

Thoughts --- Feelings --- Beliefs --- Actions = Results

You see why it’s so important to pay attention and take inventory of what our thoughts are on a daily basis.

Whatever your thoughts have been today, I invite you to question them, to ask yourself: “Where did this thought come from? My mom? My dad? My church? My culture?

You see a lot of our repetitive thoughts have been given to us by the beliefs from our parents, our culture, our religion, our media, etc. Have you ever stopped to question your thoughts?

When you do this, you have in your hands the power to change your destiny.

Choose your thoughts carefully, take inventory, and if you’re not liking the thought shift it for a better one.

I’d love to hear what has been your predominant thoughts?

Have a fabulous day!


Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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