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Ladies, this has to stop!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Today I want to address a big problem that I see happening for women: making self care a reward for all that you do in life and business instead of incorporating self care as a part of your everyday life.

You see, we’ve been programmed that self care is something that we earn vs. something that we carve out time for.

Here’s something you have to become clear on:

  • Self care is not just about indulging in a massage once in a blue moon.

  • Self care is not just about a nice bubble bath and candle light.

  • Self care is not just about reading a book on a Sunday afternoon.

We have a crisis when it comes to women and what they are expected to do.

It was already something that needed to be changed a long time ago...and then the pandemic happened and things just got worse.

Women are juggling working from home, homeschooling, quarantines, new rules, day care, etc.— which all just magnified the problem that already existed:

Women, we are programmed through our culture our society, our religion, our families, our traditions… to put everyone else’s needs before our own.

And we pay the price with our most precious assets: our health, our mental and emotional well being.

We don’t:

Have time to prepare healthy meals for ourselves and family

Have time to exercise and take care of our bodies

Have the money for the the things we truly need that would support us but if our kids need that thing we will find a way to provide it for them.

We are basically operating with the leftovers in our lives.

It’s not supposed to be this way!

Taking care of your needs, your health and your well being is a basic human right — and men have exercised this since the dawn of civilization.

I want to challenge you, as the year is still starting. I want you to start putting yourself first. Remember when you get on a plane and the stewardess says “In case of an emergency please put on your oxygen mask before you put it on your child.”

I want to challenge you to PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

It’s time you:

  • Declare yourself worthy (because you ARE)

  • Make yourself the priority, once your health and needs are taken care you’ll be a better support for your family and loved ones.

  • Set boundaries that make you feel empowered (remember that NO is a full sentence and you can still say it in a polite way).

  • Let go of the guilt and shame you’re “supposed” to feel the minute you step into your power

  • Incorporate self care into your everyday life instead of giving it to yourself as a reward.

What are 3 top self care habits that you’re going to start incorporating in your life starting today. Is it going to be: setting stronger boundaries? Or give yourself the same things you gift your kids? Will you catch yourself when you’re having guilty thoughts and replace them with uplifting words? What is it going to be?

Please comment below and share what you are up to. If you found this information useful I ask that you please share this link with at least 3 close friends that you think might benefit from this information, you never know whose life you might have an impact on.

Wishing you an abundant day!



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