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How I learned to trust myself

A big question that comes up for most of us and gets us stuck is “How?”

How do I make more money?

How can I get out of debt?

How can I grow my business?

How can I get new clients?

The truth is that success always comes with signs and clues.

In most cases, the knowledge you’re searching for already exists out there. There’s always someone out there that’s a couple of steps ahead of you that has achieved success, has made the money, has learned how to get more clients.

Because our inner critics and fears get in the way. We start second-guessing ourselves…

Will this work for me? I failed before.

Am I good enough?

And then we go into the “what if…” scenarios or the “yes, but…” which end up holding us back and analysis paralysis holds us hostage.


I am constantly making investments of time, money & energy in my personal and professional life, and the truth is I don’t know how they will pay off.

Sometimes these investments pay off and other times they don’t. You just have to experiment and try things on and if it doesn’t work the key is not to beat yourself up but to learn from the experience.

There are no guarantees in life, but we can create a mindset that allows us to trust enough to move forward.

Let me share with you some tips on how I trust myself to:

  • show up

  • Take risks and

  • Move forward

even when I don’t know what the outcome will be.

6 Significant Ways to Reset Your Mindset About Investing in Yourself

1. Trust your Intuition

Look back at times when you trusted your intuition and it worked out. Your intuition or higher self is one of the most powerful tools for guidance in making a good decision. The more you practice listening to your intuition the more you’ll prove it’s power.

Our subconscious mind has been wired with limiting beliefs and programming that might not be in your best interest but your higher self is wise and has a more accurate perspective available for you.

2. Make a decision

Once you’ve tuned in to your intuition just make a DECISION. Successful people are fast decision-makers because they know that if it was a bad decision they can make a different decision down the line. Always remember that it’s better to make a decision than to waste energy in indecision.

3. Commit Now it’s time to commit to your decision, like if there wasn’t a plan B. No investment, course, teacher or path, will be perfect. Once you surrender to this thought. Instead of searching for the perfect investment, teachers or fill in the blank, just take action and let go of the rest. Focus on what is helping you and remember that it’s one step at a time. There’s always room to course correct.

4. Trust

Many times we go down a path once we’ve decided and it doesn’t unfold the way we thought. You may not always receive what you want, but you always receive what you need. Like my mentor Louise Hay used to say “Only good lies ahead of me” and it doesn’t always feel comfortable or look like how we imagined it would.

Remember to trust, to have faith in your decision, it’s leading you in the path you’re supposed to go and with time you will realize how much you’ve grown.

5. The money will come

If we come from the premise that “Money comes from source through people.” You get to fulfil your dreams and your purpose and money will always show up in the form of an opportunity. Ask yourself: “are you stuck because you are treating money like it’s going to disappear, and never come back?” I believe we live in an abundant universe. It’s time to shift your scarcity mindset and transform it into an abundant mindset. This shift will help you to invest in yourself more easily because you know money is always there for you, more is on it’s way.

6. Your education is your biggest investment.

As you grow your skills and knowledge you increase your value and open up your capacity to receive more in exchange for your gifts.

When you invest in yourself, in your education, you are saying yes to yourself, to expand into more of who you are here to be.

It’s your mission to fulfill your purpose and express your gifts in this lifetime.

I’d be curious to hear how these tips have helped you in feeling more confident in investing in yourself. Please comment below. I’d love to hear.

To your success!


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