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Activate your rich, Abundant Life Now

What would a rich, abundant, first class life look like to you?

To me a rich and abundant life is all about experiences, yes, there’s more things on my list, but that’s the basis of it. This photo is of me living out my rich and abundant life this past week in Hawaii. It was delicious!

Most people go around thinking that they don’t have enough money, that they can’t save enough and want millions. And I ask you, that’s great, if you were to have all the money in the world what would you use it for?

You see, we all want more money, not for the sake of money but for what money can buy us. I ask you again, what would a rich, lavish first class life look like to you?

I’d love for you to think in all areas of your life:

  • What kind of friends do you have?

  • What kind of experiences are you pursuing?

  • What kind of environment are you surrounded by?

  • What are your daily practices?

  • What kind of foods do you eat? How about exercise?

  • What does your spiritual life and contributions look like?

  • Would you still be working, doing what you love or would you do something different?

I invite you to think about your rich life vision.

Without having a place to aim towards, you will continue to be a victim of circumstances because you’re not paying attention to the pursuit of your dreams and desires.

Please share with me, I’d love to hear what your rich lavish life would look like.

Remember that this is your unique rich abundant life, we all have different ideas of what this might look like.

Here’s some thoughts of what my rich life would look like:

  • Waking up and spending about 2-3 hours doing my morning practices (meditation, journaling, visualizations, exercise and a healthy breakfast)

  • Work doing the things that I love doing

  • Spending quality time with my daughter and husband

  • Traveling with family and friends several times per you to a new location.

  • Getting to go back to Spain, my home country, for at least a month every summer

  • Having nice dinners, coffees and teas with friends and loved ones

  • Getting to connect and meet people from different cultures and countries and hearing about their life stories

  • Contribute big chunks of money to the non profits that are doing good things in the world

  • Being in nature: hikes, play time, skiing, the ocean, the mountain…

And the list goes on…

Please share in the comments below, what does your Rich, Abundant life look like? And how many of these things are you already living?

Have a great day


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