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The truth behind “taking 7 weeks off”

I’ve been following a bunch of people online that have been living their freedom lifestyle, traveling everywhere while building their 6 and 7-figure + businesses. They post their beautiful photos with their families, having fun at the beach, in gorgeous locations. It all seems very glamorous and aspirational.

I’ve been wanting to create a freedom lifestyle for many years. You know I am from Spain but live in the US so all my family is back home. I want my daughter to grow up with the same magic and freedom that I used to experience in my childhood at our family’s farmhouse.

My goal was to start spending more and more time away during the summers to experience that true freedom lifestyle. Last year I was able to spend 3 weeks away from home in Spain and it was fabulous!

This year, the goal was 7 weeks away from home since we were also visiting my husband’s side of the family. ––An ambitious goal.––

If this is something you are also aspiring to achieve, here’s the truth behind it:

  • I wasn’t as organized as I wanted to be when I was getting ready to leave. I wanted to prepare a typed-up document for our house/pet sitter and instead, I left a bit more of a mess because I took off in a rush due to one of our flights being canceled.

  • I’ve been switching homes, and beds every single week which has been a bit more demanding trying to make sure that I have not only all of my own belongings but all the belongings of my 9-year-old. – I’ve created a checklist to go over in each location. –

  • My husband was only going to stay with his family for 3 weeks and has changed his plane ticket to stay an additional 2 weeks due to family affairs and wanting to spend more time with his parents.

  • I arrived in Spain and on the 3rd day, my last living great uncle passed away.

  • I did not accomplish all my work items on my to-do list which would have allowed me to have more freedom and less work time during our travels.

  • I have not been able to be as active on social media, and recording my YouTube videos because exhaustion has just caught up with me

So many unexpected circumstances have shown up, good ones and bad ones.

There’s a part of me that feels like “who do you think you are to be taking off for 7 weeks without working as hard?” “How are you going to make money?” “This lifestyle is for “them”, not for you.”

Deep down I feel like I’ve been dreaming of this freedom lifestyle for years and now that I’m living it, I should have it all together.

And yet, deep down…

I know it’s all working out the way it has to. The universe always has my back.

I trust that whatever is going to come out from all of these transitions, it’s all going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to share with you how it all unfolds.

I’m also sharing this with you as a reminder, for both of us, that we can have dreams, that we can aim for them and there’s always going to be the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way.

The most important reminder has been to continue to feel appreciation no matter the circumstances, to feel safe, and to trust that it’s all ok despite things not looking exactly how I had expected.

When I can lean into this space, I know I’m living in the flow and magic of life.

So my intention for this summer is to continue to live in the flow and magic, learn from it, adjust and course correct so that next year it’s even better.

How about you, what is your intention for the summer? Please post a comment below I’d love to hear what you’re up to and how it’s showing up.

Have a fabulous day!

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