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My July Summary

Continuing my monthly review, here’s a recap of the month of July. I highly encourage you to start this practice. You can download my free Designing My Life Workbook and use it as a guideline. I also suggest doing it with an accountability buddy or partner, or friend.

Here we go:

  • Health I’ve continued taking care of myself, morning green smoothies, chai tea vs. coffee, and the goal this month has been to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. This used to be easy when I lived in NYC, now I just have to carve the time out to move on a daily basis and I have been doing it with gym and walks! Yeah me!

  • Family/Friends Ben and I celebrated 16 years of being married on July 2nd — 22 years together— we had a wonderful evening walking the galleries on canyon road, we went to a nice Spanish restaurant in town and we continue to make time for our weekly dates (lunch or a hike tends to be our norm). Aila went to two different camps this month, all outdoors and having to do with nature. It’s been great. Here she is with her found snake skin (almost 6ft) which she decided to turn into a fashionable necklace. I got to reconnect with several friends that I have not seen for several years!

  • Play, Creativity & Self Care On the evening of our anniversary we encountered an African dance going on in the park. Aila and I kicked off our shoes and danced to the beating of the drums in the park. It was a wonderful way to express ourselves and just play. One of my self-care rituals has started by realizing what my “non negotiable” are, and I’ve finally been practicing no work Friday through Monday. It’s been great because what it does is it gives me Fridays of open space on my calendar. I get to go on a date with Ben on Fridays or I carve out time for me to go on a hike, or do a soak. I can’t emphasize how important it is to know your non-negotiable in order to honor your self-care and time off. I’ve also plowed through a couple of different books and watched some amazing movies this month: “Cruella”, “In The Heights” and started the series of ‘The Durrel’s in Corfu”

  • Contribution/spirituality I continue with my miracle morning practice: meditation, journaling, affirmations, appreciation and I added another section called acknowledgement, in this part I write for 10 minutes what I acknowledge myself for. It’s fantastic because what it does is strengthens your confidence muscle, you no longer have to look for outside validation, instead you validate yourself from the inside.

  • Finances I continue my studies in different financial programs, going through their audios, reading books and getting informed. Knowledge is power! Getting financial education is the key to open up the door to a life of freedom. Knowledge alone won’t do it. What will help is adding action through habits, I continue to implement my habits so that they become second nature. I’ve had a couple of people interested in a super basic Crypto class, would you be interested? If so, just hit reply with the subject line “crypto”

What have you been up to this month?

Sending much love!


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