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I Still Get Nervous About This

I was just reflecting on something that I’ve seen happen a lot - both to me and others.

Every time you are about to do a launch of some sort, or you’re going to get visible: you are going to launch a course, or a book, or an event or give a talk in front of people, you get excited. Yet, at the same time, your inner critic might show up giving you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it, why it won’t work, why you’re not deserving of it.

Have you felt that?

What to do instead?

When my inner critic shows up, as I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic, I tell it to go take a back seat in the car, that I’m the driver and in control.

I also try to ground into the feeling of the mantra “I serve, I deserve”, because sometimes that weird feeling comes from making money from doing something that you love. It is so helpful just to remind yourself that it’s okay to get paid for helping people because you serve, you create good things in the world and it’s okay to receive in return for that.

It’s tricky. It’s so tricky.

And, I would love to hear about your experience as well. You can either reply or you can send me a DM - What do you do when your inner critic shows up before you’re about to expose yourself or launch something?

– Because the more we talk about this stuff, the more we dissolve limiting beliefs and normalize it, the better.

Remember, you serve, you deserve. Sending much abundance your way!


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