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Our Impact

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact you’re having on the world?

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There are many layers of impact. When you choose to do nothing, there’s an impact on how you show up to the lives of others. When you do something, there’s a direct impact and then there’s the indirect impact, meaning the lives that you’ve touched that you don’t even know about.

This subject is something near and dear to my heart. I teach all about it in my signature event “Increase Your Income and Impact” because sometimes we feel like we are not good enough, sometimes we feel like we don’t matter or the work that we put into the world doesn’t matter.

Now, what if I could tell you that your smile at a stranger might have brightened their day, your listening to a friend in crisis for an extra 5 minutes, might have saved a life. Or maybe the sale that you didn’t close changed the prospective client’s life forever. You don’t know…

I want to invite you to ponder on two questions:
  1. What kind of impact have people had on your life that they don’t even know about?

  2. What kind of ripple effect do you think is going on because of you impacting someone’s life a week ago or a month ago or a year ago? How has your conversation, help, or support changed not only the life of that one person but also the lives of their family, community, and so on and so forth?

Never underestimate the power of your impact.

If you’d like to share a story of impact please hit reply and tell me all about it.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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