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What do I want to change about my business this year?

One of the big questions I ask myself at the beginning of each year is:

What do I want to change about my business?

And then I take action and make shifts based on my answers.

Happy New Year!

One of the first answers to that question was connection and collaboration.

No matter how old you are,

No matter how "established" you are,

No matter how far you are into your business,

Connecting with other open-hearted souls on the path of expansion is one of the most, if not the most, important things you can do for yourself and for your business.

I was part of several classes and online groups last year that hosted some networking events. One particular online event that I attended in December completely inspired me.

I walked away full of energy, my heart was full of love, and I also have a bunch of new contacts for business and beyond. Just yesterday I got off two powerful connection calls that I know are the seed of something bigger.

That’s what motivated me to host my own networking tea time party.

Are you an amazing leader, course creator, coach, consultant, service provider looking for community, connection and events?

Get ready to inspire, and be inspired!! 💕🦋

What can you expect from this event?

  • New besties

  • Insights that you wouldn't have thought of alone

  • Business partnerships

  • Collaborations

  • Podcast guests and hosts

  • Prospective clients

You will come out of this event transformed. I guarantee it.

Make sure to sign up, put it on your calendar and please, please forward it to at least 3 other friends or colleagues.

The more we are, the bigger the impact we can have on each other.

If you’d like to start meeting some of these women online pre-event just come into The Courage To Be FB group you can sign in to the event from there too.

To your prosperity and abundance!


PS: You won’t want to miss this event, I have some prizes to hand out… but you’ll have to be there in person to hear more about them.


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