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The reason why you’re sabotaging yourself

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve? Dreams that have been buried in the back drawers of your mind?

If you’ve had dreams and goals that require you to be willing to do certain things and you suddenly stop yourself, it’s not your fault, It’s your lizard brain getting in the way!

Our lizard brain is the part of the brain, the amygdala, whose function for thousands and thousands of years was to keep us safe from danger. Back in the days, it was sounding the alarm “a tiger is coming, RUN!” The lizard brain would have us go into fight, flight, or freeze mode.

Unfortunately and fortunately nowadays, it’s preventing us from succeeding. It’s the main cause for sabotaging yourself.

When does your lizard brain get triggered?

When you are about to do something new, something different and scary.

How does your lizard brain sabotage you?

  • You keep postponing a task or a project.

  • You become be too self-critical.

  • You generate fictitious anxiety

  • You get obsessed so much over details that results are never good enough for you.

  • You always find some excuse not to do something.

How do you overcome your lizard brain?

  • Tune into your Why. ––Why did you want to follow that dream? Why do you want to do your project? etc.

  • Accept all ideas. ––There are no standards or rules. Have lots of ideas, good and bad, logical and irrational, and catch them all. Brain dump, journal. The crazier your ideas seem, the better. The more you move away from the convention, the more likely that you create something totally new.

  • Do not judge yourself. ––Do something, even if it has defects or it’s not perfect. Progress not perfection

  • Stop making excuses. ––These excuses that you make… well, they are just excuses.Turn your excuses into reasons why

  • Get comfortable in the uncomfortable. ––Acknowledge the discomfort and do it anyway. Behind everything that's uncomfortable is your reward on the other side.

Turn your fears and worries of "if only” into “What ifs”

eg. If only I had more money, If only I lost more weight,..." turn all of these into of "What ifs" example: "what if I could get a loan for that project? what if I walked an extra hour every day while listening to my podcasts?"

Make a Decision and Eliminate any plan B. ––Decide what you want, not wishing, not wanting, but deciding and committing. The best way to eliminate a plan B is to decide first, and go full force.

Act first, think later. ––When you act first, it doesn't give time for your lizard brain to come in and judge and get all freaked out.

Use breath to calm your lizard brain

Turn your failure into learnings Try things and experiment. ––Failure is just another way to learn.

I’m curious, what has been a recent dream, project or big change in your life that has activated your lizard brain? How did you respond?

Have a wonderful day!


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