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Origami Kayaks, sickness and celebrations

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Life is an ever-changing tapestry woven with moments of joy, adventure, and unexpected challenges.

This week was filled with thrilling explorations, empowering events, and the curveballs that life threw my way.

From the excitement of navigating origami kayaks to hosting a transformative three-day event, and even facing the unforeseen challenge of my daughter falling ill, this journey will inspire you to embrace the ebb and flow of life and discover the power of flexibility and resilience.

A week ago I hosted my 3 day signature event: Increase Your Income and Impact. A vibrant community of ambitious women had gathered, each carrying dreams and aspirations within their hearts.

Over the course of those transformative days, they absorbed knowledge, unleashed their potential, and emerged with clear plans of action to elevate their businesses and lives.

The event served as a powerful reminder that when we come together to learn, grow, and support one another, we create an environment where profound transformations can take place.

After the event I needed a break and some time to acknowledge my efforts and accomplishments and reconnect with my family so we decided to take off midweek and try out our new origami kayaks.

Immersed in a world of excitement, I found myself standing at the edge of a serene lake, ready to embark on an adventure like no other. The air crackled with anticipation as we unfurled our origami kayaks, marveling at their ingenuity and compact design. With every fold, we unveiled new possibilities and a sense of freedom that only comes with exploring uncharted waters.

Little did I know that the lessons of adaptability and going with the flow would soon be put to the test.

As our kayaks glided gracefully through the serene waters, the wind chose an unexpected moment to awaken from its slumber. The tranquil lake transformed into a playground for the capricious gusts. Suddenly, our return journey became a thrilling test of skill and perseverance. The wind challenged our resolve, adding an extra element of excitement and adventure to our already exhilarating expedition.

In that moment, I realized that life's obstacles often arise when we least expect them, testing our determination and resilience.

In the afternoon, we dropped our daughter at a bday party.

My husband and I eagerly looked forward to some quality time together. We got to celebrate with each other our successes of these first 6 months of the year.

However, in the middle of the night, our plans took an unexpected turn.

Around 2am our daughter's gentle footsteps made their way to our bedroom. She sought comfort and reassurance as she settled into our bed.

Suddenly, without warning, she began to vomit, her small frame convulsing with discomfort. In an instant, our peaceful sanctuary transformed into a frantic scene of cleaning, soothing, and worrying. The hours ticked away as we attended to her needs, offering comfort and reassurance in the midst of the chaos.

With all this said I learned several lessons this week.

Lesson 1: Embrace Flexibility and the Flow of Life

Life has a way of reminding us that plans can change in an instant. Just as the wind picked up during our kayaking adventure, we must be willing to adapt and flow with the unpredictability of life's currents.

The unexpected challenge with my daughter's illness called for a change in plans, a shift in priorities. By embracing flexibility and letting go of rigid expectations, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and find strength in navigating through turbulent times.

Lesson 2: Nurture Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Adversity has a knack for testing our resilience, but it is during these challenging moments that we have an opportunity to rise above and tap into our inner strength.

Despite the exhaustion caused by tending to my daughter throughout the night, I remained committed to my studies and work. It was a reminder that resilience is not just about bouncing back; it is also about staying committed to our goals and responsibilities, even in the face of adversity.

Lesson 3: Embrace the Power of Presence and Adaptability

Life's journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns, reminding us to cherish each moment and adapt to the changing tides. The adversity of my daughter's illness taught me the importance of being present, of fully embracing the challenges and joys that come our way. By staying flexible and open

What challenges or unforeseen things have happened to you lately? Please hit reply and share with me so that I know I’m not alone.☺️


PS: If you’d like to challenge the belief that only certain individuals can succeed in investing, and how can we start making informed decisions to build our wealth listen to this week’s episode with Ange Mathews on The Courage To Be Podcast.

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