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One of my favorite personal stories

Creativity– one of the biggest assets you possess.

Do you exercise it to its fullest potential?

I’m not talking about creativity from the perspective of an artist, but from the point of view of imagining something: an idea, a dream, a thought…

bringing it into fruition, into manifestation in the physical form.

This week we released on The Courage To Be Podcast the episode with my dear Mentor, teacher and friend Pippa Seichrist.

The episode was very near and dear to my heart because 23 years ago I knew that I wanted to pursue a career as an art director and there were not many schools in the country that offered this type of program – 4 to be precise, and I checked 3 of them that were not a fit.–

I followed my intuition and went to check out Miami Ad School which only had about 7 students at the time but when I went there in person, I felt at home.

I loved the vibe! There was an inner knowing that this was the right place.

I put down a $100 deposit and trusted that I’d make it work to start in one or two semesters. I just had to figure out the funding.

Meanwhile I went back to Spain and interned at an ad agency there.

I asked 4 different creative directors if they’d recommend going to this school and they all said no because it wasn’t known.

The fourth creative director said “I don’t know the school, it’s not in an area with a lot of advertising agencies but if your heart is pulling you there, then go.”

My parents said that they would not pay for my masters in Miami, that they had already paid for my undergrad and that I could build my own portfolio by working at an agency in Spain. –I think they thought that I’d be partying all the time 🤣.–

I read “The Alchemist” and knew that I had to follow my intuition even though everyone around me was saying this was not the right thing, that I was making a mistake.

I’m glad I followed my intuition because by attending Miami Ad School:

  • I had a job before I even graduated

  • A career in advertising

  • I met my husband at the school

  • Made friendships for life

Even though my graduating class only had 9 people, now 29 years later they graduated over 20,000 students, have over 15 different locations around the world, they turned the advertising world upside down and it has become one of the most prestigious schools in creativity and advertising.

None of this could have happened without Ron and Pippa following their heart, their inner knowing, their dreams… It all started with a creative thought.

How much are you exercising your creative powers and abilities?

I’m not just talking about being creative as a writer or an artist, but your capacity to imagine something and bring it forth into physical form. That’s what creativity is and we are all creative!

When we live in the world of imagination, of creation, we get to live a life by design. It can be scary at times, as you’ll hear in the episode with Pippa,but ultimately you are pursuing your dreams.

When you pursue your dreams the whole universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it…

** This last phrase is Paulo Coelho’s quote from the book The Alchimist

If you’d like to listen to the episode on creativity, having dreams and pursuing them I invite you to listen to this week’s episode with Pippa Seichrist. I know you’ll enjoy it!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you are dreaming up. What are you creating in your life?

To your prosperity, abundance and creativity!


PS: Freedom is one of my highest values. If it is for you too then I encourage you to check out a bite-sized-but-powerful e-book called “The Financial Freedom Formula” by one of my mentors: Penelope Jane Smith. This is a quick read, but by the end, you’ll be feeling clearer and more inspired!

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