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No knight in shining armor is coming

Your knight in shining armor is not coming to rescue you.

Your knight in shining armor is not going to figure out your money stuff.

Your knight in shining armor is not going to look after your financial wellbeing.

So who will?

I wish I could tell you that someone is coming along to take care of you, I know that’s a big desire for many of us.

But that’s just having wishful thinking instead of taking responsibility for your well being and your loved one’s well being.

Many of us have been programmed to believe that a man is a financial plan and that our knight in shinning armor is coming to save us — thanks Disney movies!— we need to stop thinking this way and evaluate our money beliefs as well as our fears and what’s holding us back.

This past week in my Money Magic Miracles program we just did our money date for this month.

A money date is a period of time that you allocate on your calendar, like you would when you go on a real date, and you get to focus, enhance and build your relationship with money.


Doing all kinds of financial activities (balancing your check book, going over receipts, looking at your investments, strategizing your money plan, dreaming about what you want your prosperous life to look like, maybe even reading about abundance and prosperity or watching a money mindset video— you can find a bunch of those on my YouTube channel

We did it together, we did it in community, and we each individually tended to our finances for 3 hours, without any men or other person of authority coming to do this for us.

When you sit down and have a date with money, when you spend time building your relationship with money instead of running away from it or expecting someone to come and do it for you this is when you start to feel empowered and confident. This is the foundation to building your business, to building your wealth and to having your finances under control.

Please share with me, I’m curious, do you set money dates on your calendar, if not, what’s holding you back?

Have a fabulous day!

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