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Need your help for this Dream to take off

I’m not sure if you know, but this year for me is all about VISIBILITY! which has had me having to be bold, do things that are uncomfortable, and working hard to get more publicity and get my message out into the world.

I’ve been networking, going to events, getting interviewed on podcasts, and connecting with influencers to get my message out there.

I hired a publicity coach and Authority Magazine which is part of Medium is the first major publication to pick up one of my articles!!

I would greatly appreciate if you could comment on the article on their site.

It would mean so much to me!

Here is the article:

You can comment at the end of the article by clicking on the “talk bubble”

It’s my goal to have 100 comments by the end of the day!

Share the love and help me out and I can return the favor when you’re needing support too.

Thanks so much for helping me!

To your prosperity and abundance!


PS: If you liked this article and would like to get some video tips, hacks and ideas come join me at my youtube channel

PPS: If you liked to continue the money mindset conversation in a safe community of like-minded women come join us at Increase Your Income and Impact private FB Group


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