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My love hate relationship

I have such mixed feelings about social media.

I was off it for 4 years and there were parts that I loved about this newfound lifestyle and then I knew I was also missing out in other areas.

What I love about social media:

  • It connects us across space and time

  • I’ve meet new amazing people on the other side of the world

  • I get to keep up with loved ones

  • I have received ideas and resources to grow my business

  • I get to support amazing causes

  • It can start movements

  • I get to stay connected to my tribe of readers, like you!

The hate I have for social media:

  • I constantly see photos from friends, family and people I admire and it seems like they are all having the time of their life.

  • It creates comparison. I’m looking at what colleagues and people I admire are doing or not doing and wondering why I’m not further along? Or the “I’m not good enough” syndrome.

  • If I see a lot of views and not enough likes or comments on my posts that I put out there with love then I start doubting if it matters. Should I even bother putting content out there? Is it worth it? Am I having an impact? Or am I wasting my time?

It’s no wonder our life and reality can sometimes feel a little inadequate.

The edited version of things can be tough, especially when it comes to business.

If any of this resonates with you, I want to invite you to give yourself permission to be ok with your social media relationship.

Come to it with a birds-eye view of how you’re interacting with it:

  • What’s your intention?

  • What are you wanting to get out of each interaction?

  • How much time do you want to allocate to it?

  • Is it building you up or putting you down?

With that said, please post a comment and let me know your thoughts about social media and if you love it more than you hate it and why.

To your prosperity and abundance!


PS: If you would like to continue the business, marketing strategies and/or money mindset conversation in a safe community of like-minded women come to join us at Increase Your Income and Impact private FB Group, and promise me you’ll post something on there so that we can support and lift each other up instead of letting social media suck your energy.


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