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Is switching off hard for you?

How is your summer unfolding?

Has it been easy to disconnect and just enjoy the summer warmth, beautiful sunsets and the smell of ocean breeze?


Have you been thinking more “how am I going to fit all these plans and activities that I had into my summer vacation?”

As you know I’ve been away from home for 4 weeks already and I fall more in the category of a long list of plans and activities during the summer.

In this new lifestyle and way of being I’m practicing more balance so that I can savor and enjoy the vacation time and still feel somewhat accomplished.

How am I doing this?

I keep reminding myself that although it feels very productive to feel busy and constantly “doing” it’s a fake productivity and I’ve learned through my years of being an entrepreneur that the more time you spend out of your business the more effective you’ll be when you come back.

It’s good to give ourselves some breaks, to give ourselves the vacation time.

It’s also good to realize that all these long list of “to-do’s” might not be as urgent as you think they are.

The key is to prioritize them and find balance.

One thing that I’ve done differently this trip is:

  1. Find time every morning for me before my daughter and the rest of the home wakes up (I’ve been sharing our family farm house with different people for 3 weeks as well as sharing the home in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks)

  2. I’ve also been making time for exercise and trying to eat healthy. Last year I came back from Spain and since I wasn’t paying attention to my diet, just eating whatever I wanted I did come back home with a severe anemia, again –I’ve had anemia on and off throughout the years— but this year I’ve set an intention to be intentional with my eating and exercising. I’ve been walking at least 11,000 steps daily and swimming around a mile.

I’ve also prioritized my to-do list to see what really needs to get done and what doesn’t reminding myself that it will all get done at some point and the key is to prioritize.

Then I ask myself some questions:

  1. Does this have to get done? — If the answer is no, I’ll just take it off the To-do list.

  2. Do I want to do this? — If it’s not a task that brings me joy I try to see if I must do it or move on to the next question.

  3. Can I automate or delegate the task? If someone else can do the task (family member, friend, team…) or it can be put on autopilot then I will take that approach.

  4. Is this urgent and a priority? I tend to be a bit controlling of situations and I end up turning tasks, projects and activities that aren’t urgent or a priority into business. It’s important to take a look and see if the task on the list is a priority.

I’m curious, how have you been handing your to-do list throughout the summer?

Have you kept yourself busy or are you also enjoying the wonderful summer breeze?

Please comment below and let me know.

Have a fabulous day!

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