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I’ve let the cat out of the bag!

After 4 years being off social media I decided that for 2022 my main focus was going to be to GET VISIBLE!

I’ve been busy with this, I’m making sure that I’m getting my message out into the world and to the right people.

How am I doing this?

  • I launched my youtube channel this year in March and have been posting videos almost every week, which has given me Youtube Partnership

  • I’ve been in our FB group –formerly Increase Your Income and Impact FB group, now The Courage To Be– pretty much daily

  • I started posting in IG

  • I’ve been sending my newsletter out weekly

  • I’ve been a guest in over 18 podcasts in 8 months.

This last part of it, being a guest in over 18 podcasts this year has gotten me excited to want to launch my own podcast. –This has been on my business bucket list for many years but I had to find the right time for it.–

So here we have it… drumroll please… Big news coming soon:

I’m launching: “The Courage To Be” Podcast

If you’re in The Courage To Be FB group you know I’ve been releasing short weekly interview connections every Tuesday which I’m calling “Tea with Tania '' that are exclusive for the group and some will be part of The Courage To Be Podcast.

We feature one person per week. We chat about who she is, what kind of work she’s putting out into the world, what impact she’s had on someone, we share resources and stories.

Some of these interviews will be released early next year on my podcast “The Courage To Be.”

If you're curious to meet and listen to some of these amazing women I highly encourage you to come join The Courage To Be FB group

If you’re already a member and would like to be part of the interview series, just hit reply and say “interested in the interview” and me or my team will send you the next steps.

If you’re thinking to yourself: “ I don’t know if I should do this, I don’t have anything to share…” or “I don’t have a business right now…” I invite you to reconsider, to gather the courage to be bold and come join me in conversation.

If this is something you’re interested in, come and join us in our FB group so that you can meet other extraordinary human beings that have amazing stories and wonderful resources to share.

I ask a favor, if you’re in our world please share the group with at least 3 other friends or colleagues that might enjoy the group.

Have a great day!


PS: If you’d like to listen to the latest podcast I was on, talking about the importance of failure click here to listen.


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