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How to Become Your Own Best Friend

How are you doing? I’m not just asking as a courtesy. I truly want you to tap in and ask yourself:

“How am I doing today?”

Do you notice how we tend to get up, get into the routine of things and move on with our days without truly acknowledging ourselves and paying attention to how we are doing?

Why become your own best friend?

Because you only have YOU. Yes, you might have family, friends, loved ones that care about you but at the end of the day, you’re the only one waking up with yourself and going to bed with yourself.

Here’s what I know, when you can start building yourself up vs. putting yourself down you will start to experience miracles in your life.

Here are some tips on how to become your best friend:

  1. Stop Judging Yourself. Stop judging and criticizing yourself. If you are using words and thought towards yourself that you would never use with a friend. Then Stop it! Instead, I want you to catch yourself, acknowledge the thought was there and choose to substitute the thought for a more empowering one.

  2. Be courageous. When you’re feeling scared, anxious, or stressed ask yourself “Am I choosing love or fear?” Remind yourself that even when you’re afraid, empowering yourself to learn and grow instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. A trick I use is to look at myself in the mirror and say “You are resourceful you can figure this one out.”

  3. Connect with your intuition. Find those moments of silence throughout your day to take a walk in nature, do meditation, exercises, etc. to stay fully present, and trust your intuition to help you make the most impactful decisions in your life.

  4. Do for yourself what you’d love others to do for you. If you love flowers and are waiting for prince charming or your partner to come and give you flowers, stop waiting. Instead, go to the store, and buy yourself the flowers you want. Even better, put an order for delivery and write yourself a beautiful note with it. Stop waiting for others to treat you how you’d like to be treated. It starts with you and then they’ll follow your lead

  5. Acknowledge yourself. So many of us are always looking for external validation. I know I was in that camp. Heck! I still like the acknowledgment, I’m not going to lie, but when you can do this for yourself first you strengthen your worthiness muscle. When someone validates or acknowledges you it will feel nice but you’re not coming from the same place of neediness because you’ve already satisfied this need yourself. One of the practices I’ve had for years now is not only writing down what I’m grateful for every evening but also acknowledging myself for all the things I’ve accomplished in the day, big or small.

  6. Surround yourself with supportive people. Choose those people that you know will support your dreams, that see the beauty in you, that will leave you energized vs. drained after a conversation. You might have to let go of some relationships and also be open to new friendships that will celebrate your awesomeness!

I’m curious, what practices do you do to become closer and more loving towards yourself?

Have a fabulous day!

With love,


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