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How “Sincere Gratitude” affects everything.

How are you doing?

I know it’s Thanksgiving week, I’m sure you’ve been getting a ton of emails about being thankful and grateful and I just want to go deeper with this subject.

Your parents or caretakers taught you that saying “thank you” is polite. But do you say it because you feel thankful, or do you say it out of habit?

Saying “thank you” as a routine is good manners, but my challenge to you is to express gratitude sincerely, instead of as an obligation, every single day.


  1. Why are you grateful? One of the easiest ways to sincerely express gratitude vs. habitually is to say why you’re grateful. I’m grateful for the fruit I ate today because______ (and fill in the blank) If we just say what we’re thankful for it becomes more habitual vs. getting your brain to think and your heart to feel why you’re grateful.

  2. Be present right this moment Right now, as you’re reading this, take 1 minute, look around your room, what do you feel grateful for? Here are some thoughts: the chair you're sitting on, the internet for you to be able to read this, your eyes for being able to read it, your health.

  3. Go as far down the chain as you can As you’re sitting in appreciation go as far into the gratitude, with the example above: I’m thankful for this chair, I’m thankful for the company that made the chair, for the employees of the company, for the actual people that assembled them, for Amazon (or company) that delivered it, or if you picked it up, for your car that took you to the actual store… you get the idea, keep going deeper and deeper as to where it all originated.

Abundance is a mindset, it’s a state of being, it’s a choice and it’s a choice we can make right now. How you feel about all aspects of your life will directly affect how much abundance and prosperity comes into your life.

Your abundance and prosperity will expand enormously if you can practice sincere appreciation on a daily basis.

I am thankful that you’ve read this far because this shows me that in some way or another we are related, we are connected. I appreciate your time because you could be doing something else right now. Thank you, truly.

What are you grateful for right now?

Have a great weekend!

With love and gratitude,


Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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