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Growing by Giving

If you’re a mission-driven woman entrepreneur and/or a mom and you know you’re here to make a big difference AND great money… then keep on reading.

This past weekend we had the fortune that some close friends of ours that own an estate sale company had promised Aila, my 8 year old daughter, to be able to set up a stand for her to sell some things at. She took the “lemonade stand” to a whole other level!

Since she was so inspired by this opportunity and deep down I can sense she’s got the entrepreneurship spirit in her we made sure to set her up for success and have as all learn as much as possible through the process.

Many of these lessons apply to all of us doing business.

1. Set an intention. I asked her what her intention was. She said she wanted to raise money for her to be able to pay for her materials and give the other 50% to the animals (animal shelter and a wildlife refugee half hour from us that we visited 2 weeks ago)

  • Financial Goal — “What is your 3 financial goal levels?” I asked her.

  • Ok goal — I’d be ok but kind of sad if I only raised this amount over 3 weekends

  • Happy goal — I’d be happy to raise this amount of money

  • Ecstatic goal — I’d be super happy and ecstatic to raise this amount of money

2. Process.

  • Choosing what products to sell — She has been making the felted ball necklaces for a couple of weeks, the bracelets were made a year ago because she thought she’d be able to have this opportunity sooner.

  • Following her intuition — Then she went and found a bunch of fossils in our back yard ––Honestly, I thought no one would buy fossils from our back yard and I didn’t want to discourage her from displaying these, but I was wrong, they were one of the biggest sellers!––

3.Transactional — This might be the more boring part but I wanted her to know that there’s also the boring part of the business so we went to the bank the day before the sale to exchange $100 into change.

4. Visibility— She got to set up her table with her sign, display her pieces to her liking.

5. Sales — This girl was fearless at selling. What I realized is how tainted we’ve become with sales as we get older. We have given sales such a bad rep, when the truth is that sales is service.

She also got to experience different people’s personalities. Some would say yes and want to support her in her endeavors or make a donation for the animals and then you’d have the people that could care less. This was a good experience to have and to realize that a yes or a no is not usually about you, it’s about the other person.

The summary of the weekend is that it was a huge success, in two days she made more money than her “Ecstatic goal” —She still has 2 more Saturday’s to continue making more than she intended, which will help her grow and give back more. —

She also realized that it goes in waves, the first day was better than the second.

She learned to sell without taking things personally and most importantly she’s so excited to sponsor a couple of animals at the wild life center and give to the shelter.

If you are an entrepreneur I invite you to consider for your business that now is the time, more than ever, for you to take a stand for what you believe in. Not only will GIVING BACK change more lives, it’s also a strategic WEALTH HACK that will help you GROW your BIZ.

If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews in your life that have a calling to sell some things, take a look at how you can support them in their entrepreneurial journey.

My question for you is: How are you incorporating giving back in your business? Or how are you giving to grow?

Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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