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Do You Follow Your Intuition?

One of my favorite things to learn is how to co-create with my intuition. I have kept track of intuitive hits and synchronicities for years. It’s a fascinating subject to me because it’s so abstract and non-formulaic, yet I feel so connected to my intuition.

Over the years, I have learned to trust my intuition much more. I used to try to make all my decisions based on the “facts” or what my “logic” would say.

But then I started to notice those situations when I would have a feeling not to do something but did it anyway because it was logical or it made sense. Many times, it didn’t turn out well. I also noticed that when I trusted the intuitive hits, followed through with those feelings, I would often make the right decisions—even when my reasoning and the facts suggested that things would not turn out as well as they did.

Here’s a couple tips to go deeper with your intuition:

  1. CREATE SPACE TO RECEIVE INFORMATION One of the biggest keys to accessing intuition is to be in a calm space when you tune into it. Some examples would be to go out in nature, meditate, journal, exercise.

  2. INTERPRET YOUR INTUITIVE MESSAGES Once you’ve cleared your mind, it’s time to recognize how you personally receive your Intuitive messages. Everyone is Intuitive, but that doesn’t mean everyone receives messages the same way.

Some people visualize, while others hear their inner voice. Some really feel a decision with their gut, while others just have an idea pop into their mind like a lightbulb went off.


This is the most important step to grow your Intuition!

The faster you take inspired action, without questioning it, without rationalizing it, the more you’ll start seeing how accurate your intuition really is.

This week, try to really pay attention to your intuition. Try to notice when it helps you make the right decision—and also how things turn out when you take inspired action or when you’re being guided towards one decision, but you choose to do the opposite.

Please share with me any intuition stories that are taking place with you.

Have a fantastic day!

With love,



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