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Celebrating Jealousy

I want to let you into one of my top secrets for calling in abundance into my life, it’s called: Jealousy!

I know… jealousy has a really bad reputation, it’s a feeling we all don’t like having, it makes us feel icky.

Did you know that in Spain we have a saying that’s “envidia sana” which means “healthy jealousy?”

There’s two parts of jealousy.

The first one I learned from Julia Cameron back in the day in her book “The Artist Way”.

She talks about paying attention to the things that make us jealous, like other people success. When we notice this, we can see it as a guiding point towards those things that we desire.

The second part of jealousy is that when we celebrate other people's successes we are focusing on what we want.

What to do next time you get jealous

  1. Ask yourself the question “what is it that they have that’s making me feel jealous?” This is an indicator as to what you want and desire.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the feeling of jealousy. Instead, remind yourself that it is a “healthy jealousy” that’s guiding you towards your dreams.

  3. Rather than getting annoyed, comparing yourself, I want you to celebrate their success.

Imagine yourself having that same success, imagine yourself having that same desire fulfilled.

Be happy for them, be thankful that the universe is showcasing that if it’s possible for them; it’s also possible for you.

By doing this, you’re expressing to the universe what your desire is and that this is important to you.

When you do this you are aligning your energy with your desire which becomes a major force of attraction to calling in success and abundance.

Please share with me in the comments if you’ve felt jealous of someone and how you overcame it to claim your desire.

To your prosperity and abundance!


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