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Big Decisions

This week in Santa Fe, a big decision hung in the air...

Get my parents to the airport amidst the snowy chaos. My parents have been in here for the past 2 weeks. We had some very nice moments together and it was a pity that the last day here everything turned.

Living on a mountain meant icy roads the plow only came once and the road got covered again in less than half an hour making the journey a bit of a challenge.

My husband stepped up and ended up driving to pick them up and drive them to the airport although there was no guarantee of the flight departing that day.

Their flight turned into a saga of delays, stretching a 7-hour wait at the airport in the confined gate space of the tiny Santa Fe airport.

Finally arriving in Dallas at 1 am, they faced another decision – a missed flight to Spain. Silver lining: at least they made it to the hotel.

Amidst this snowy ordeal, another big decision loomed. With snow still falling Friday morning, my daughter's school day was just delayed but we were all exhausted. Ultimately, I decided to trade the chaos and business of the week for a moment of rest, opting to continue to watch the Prosperity Summit that we’ve been hosting at the Napoleon Hill Institute.

This virtual gathering has featured stars from the movie 'The Secret,' like Joe Vitale and Michael Beckwith, along with other notable figures like Reverend Ike's son Xavier and Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series.

For four days, the summit unfolded with inspiring insights. Today, Saturday December 2nd there's a Q&A call with our CEO, Cliona O'Hara. If you missed any part of the summit or want a recap, replays are available for a limited time. All you have to do is get registered by clicking here and you’ll be granted access.

As I sit here, watching the snowfall outside, I reflect on the big decisions of the week. Yes, delays, missed flights, and shoveling were part of the journey, but there was also a summit that opened doors to prosperity thinking.

Life's surprises, much like the snow in Santa Fe, might be unpredictable, but they often bring unexpected joys and lessons.

My parents faced the decision to leave and wait at the airport or stay another night in Santa Fe. I had to decide whether to brave the snowy roads for my daughter's school or choose rest and the summit. Sometimes, decisions aren't about choosing the easiest path but finding the one that aligns with our well-being.

And speaking of decisions, here's an awesome opportunity to listen to this summit that has incredible golden nuggets.

Will you make time for it?

It might just be the decision that sets the tone for your next big adventure.

To your success and abundance!


PS: Make sure to listen to the Prosperity Summit they have some amazing insights and great goodies at the end of it.

Just get registered by clicking here and you’ll be granted access.

Listen to the Top 2% Global ranking Podcast by clicking here


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