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August Summary

***Disclaimer: it’s a long email, so pull your favorite beverage and read on if you are in the mood for it.

Here we are with the month’s review. August was a very interesting month. I got to fulfill a long dream of spending 3 weeks back home in Spain and while on vacation to still be conducting business. I’m starting to incorporate the laptop lifestyle!


In the health arena, one of the main focuses was on more exercise, more walks. I got to go for many walks on our farmhouse, on the 15-mile boardwalk of Coruña and it was such a reminder of walking everywhere in Spain vs. having to try and find time to walk here in Santa Fe.

I definitely got in more than 10,000 steps daily with minimum effort and just going for strolls, running errands or meeting up with family and friends.


I was so excited to go on this 3-week trip because it had been 2 years since I last saw my parents and 3 years since I last stepped foot in Spain.

This trip was just for me and Aila. Ben decided to stay in Santa Fe and it was wonderful to have a mother-daughter trip and have her get reacquainted with her huge family back home.

Everyone that she met, I’d just tell her that they were cousins. –I could not go into the details of first cousins, uncles, aunts, second cousins.– You see, my dad has 7 brothers and 1 sister and they are all married and with kids so the family is huge on my paternal side.

I loved being able to spend time with my parents, with cousins, uncles and aunts and some friends. It was nice to not spend just half-hour conversations like you would during a family gathering and instead be able to be together for days at a time, going on excursions to the beach, into the woods, hanging out at the pool, etc.

Another cool thing I got to experience with my family was sitting down with my eldest uncle and cousin and we looked through our family tree that he’s been working on for several years. He’s been able to trace the lineage back to the 1600s! Eleven generations living in the northern part of Spain. That was really fascinating to me and I’d love to learn more about it.


Like I mentioned at the beginning of the newsletter, this was an experiment of a dream that I've had for many years of wanting to live the laptop lifestyle. I continued to teach my classes while I was in Spain and I had time to think, create and come up with new ideas that I have down the pipeline for growing the business: new programs, new classes, connections, summits, etc. I’m very excited to start implementing these as I’m wrapping up my incubation period.

Play, Creativity & Self Care

Going back home, during the summer, after missing each other so much was great. I got to stroll around Coruña, what a wonderful beach town!

I took Aila to an animal rescue center that happened to be only 20 minutes from our home. And since she’s such an animal lover I got to see her interact with nature day in and day out.

I completely got refilled with every interaction, connection with friends and family.

We got to go on some waterfall excursions, picnics on virgin beaches with no people on them, we picked blackberries, cooked meals together. It was a dream come true!


During this month I wasn’t focused so much on finances, investments, etc. Cryptos did grow a bit, they are picking up yet I’m in this game for the long term so I don’t let my emotions get too involved with them going up or down.

What I did focus on is on receiving. This was a topic that kept showing up for me, instead of being focused on giving, doing, go, go, go... instead I leaned back and allowed people to pour into me, to receive, receive abundance, not just of money but of experiences, of connections, of joy, of laughter.

When we want our abundance and prosperity to grow we have to be able to dance with the giving and receiving aspect of it.


What I learned in this part of the trip in August was to allow the support and contribution from others.

I lost or got my passports stolen as we were getting on the flight to the US. I tried solving this whole problem on my own, renewing Spanish and American passports, filing police reports, etc. I got really frustrated in the process and even though I wanted to solve the issue on my own without bothering or worrying my parents. I ended up sharing with them. They were amazing with their generosity and support! They helped with phone calls, with police report filings, looking for specific documents. I realized that sometimes we want to do everything on our own, especially myself: Ms. independent and “ I can do it myself” mentality. Once I surrendered and allowed others to support me, it was a huge help.

As a summary what I learned in this month back home was:

Dreams do come true, just keep on visualizing and they will materialize at the right time. I can live my laptop lifestyle!

Learn to dance with the giving and receiving. Sometimes it’s great to give, it makes us feel in control but there’s something beautiful about letting others give to you and receive.

Even when you think you need to be doing, going, pushing, it’s nice to pause and give yourself permission to rest, to enjoy life, to savor the moments because you will gain so much more energy that will help you continue moving forward.

Connection is such a vital force for me in my life. I realized that although I consider myself an introvert and need time for myself, I love connecting with loved ones. I need to listen to them, share experiences, laugh, cry, be and navigate this life journey together.

What have you been up to this month? What lessons have you learned that you want to take with you moving forward?

Sending you much love!


Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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