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7 Excuses Blocking Your Dreams

Many times on our way to our dreams we hold ourselves back by pulling out our roaster of excuses.

We use excuses to explain, justify and self impose limitations as to why we can’t do something.

Here’s the money test. Ask yourself the following: If I gave you 1 million, 5 million dollars (or the number that works for you) would you be able to _____________ (fill in the blank with what’s holding you back. Example: go on the long-awaited family trip, take the course you need to fulfill your passion, switch careers, etc)

The answer: of course you could do it but WOULD YOU? Given the right incentive, you could change anything in your life. And the next question then is “How come you and your dreams aren’t worth it?”

Once you start paying attention to your excuses you’ll start seeing a pattern and you’ll see that they are doing you a de-service and they are the major dream killers.

Here are some common excuses I see. Which ones sound familiar to you:

  • Victim Excuse. ––You don’t take responsibility and nothing’s your fault, you just have bad luck. It’s everyone else’s fault, it’s life’s fault, it’s circumstances... E.g. My husband never explained how to manage our finances, or how to do investments. She’s always so rude to me and then I don’t want to do what she asks for.

  • I don’t Care Excuse. ––You convince yourself that you don’t want or need whatever the dream is anyway. You come up with all the reasons why it’s not important anymore. E.g. I really don’t need that beautiful home on the beach, it would be too expensive anyway, maintaining a second home is too complicated and costly.

  • Circumstances Excuse. ––This is where life is happening to you and it’s beyond your control. E.g. I had a screwed-up childhood, that’s how things are, my parents weren’t kind to me.

  • Everyone Else Excuse. ––It’s ok that you’re not following your dreams because everyone else is doing it or not doing it.

  • It is What it Is Excuse. ––You’ve never been able to do it before, you’ve tried so many times, nothing has worked, things don’t change, why would it work now. E.g. I’ve tried taking different classes before, they didn’t work, they promise you all will be amazing but it’s the same thing, another program unopened.

  • Genes Excuse. ––This is the way you are, this is what you’ve gotten from your parents, from your genes, you can’t change. E.g. I’m just not good with numbers, none of us in the family have ever been.

  • I Can’t Afford it Excuse. ––I don’t have the money just lying around. This is where you don’t want to put the effort in, think of yourself as resourceful, instead, you’re not taking action until it’s just easy and with minimum effort. E.g. I really want to take that program, I don’t have $2,000 sitting around, I could never afford it. When money comes to me I’ll do it.

We all have our favorite set of excuses. They work to our benefit, they keep us from having to do something that we don’t want to do and let us explain why we can’t __________(fill in the blank). Just remember that your dreams, happiness, and lifestyle are the ones paying the price for your excuses.

If there’s something I can leave you with, next time you catch yourself with an excuse, choose courage over comfort.

Sending love and abundance,


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