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3 Money Mindset Changes to Make Today That Will Lead to More Abundance

How can you feel abundant when in reality you’re feeling like there’s not enough money? Or maybe you're making a good chunk of money and still feel like it’s not enough?

It’s important to tackle this issue so that you start attracting more checks in the mail instead of continuing to attract more bills and make things worse.

Here are my top tips to go from “poverty” mindset to “Abundance and prosperity” Mindset

  1. Appreciate The saying is true “what you appreciate, appreciates.” I know that sometimes you can feel like you're broke when in reality the situation might not be as bad as you’re making it be in your head. I want you to sit down, pull out a sheet of paper, ––yes, it doesn’t count to just think it in your head. There’s a power of writing things down.–– Now, I want you to think about all the things that you’re grateful for in your life and that make you feel abundant. If you need some examples to jump start you, think about each body part working, think about running water in your home instead of having to walk a mile to get water. Think about warm water coming out of the faucet…. The list goes on. Also, there’s a trick to this, write out WHY you’re grateful for that thing. “I’m grateful for running water in my home because that means I don’t have to go walk for water or go to a friend's house to use their water…”

  2. Step into your richness What do I mean by this? Take inventory around your home, your environment, and step into doing, being, and having things that make you feel rich and abundant. This doesn’t have to cost money. It could be as simple as taking a nice bath with candlelight and rose petals in your bath. You could go for a luxurious picnic in the park and bring your favorite beverage and food of choice. By doing this, what you’re doing is activating the feeling of “feeling good” the feeling of “abundance,” the feeling of prosperity.

  3. Take Action Now that you’ve started to spot the abundance around you, now that you’ve started to feel the abundance and richness around you, think about what you can do to start bringing money in. Sit down and write out a list of at least 50 different ways that you could bring money in now. If you get stuck, come back to this list. Here’s a hint: whatever things on that list you’re resisting the most go and do them. As you can see, there’s an order to this, first, start thinking differently about things, then start feeling differently about your abundance and prosperity and lastly start doing what you need to do to start attracting more money into your life.

I’d love to hear from you. Just reply on the comments below:

Who do you make yourself feel rich, abundant, and prosperous?

Have a great day!

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Monica Le Baron
Monica Le Baron
10 mai 2022

I go on weekly solo dates to remind myself that only I can make myself happy and spoil myself like I would spoil a date otherwise. I love how you explained how to write out WHY you’re grateful for that thing. It finally makes sense to me. 😎

Monica Le Baron

Sleep Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist

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