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17,500, what????

Yes!!! So happy to celebrate with you!!!

I want to thank you for being part of my world, for reading my emails, for watching my videos, and for posting comments on my blog sharing your stories.

Today I celebrate a huge milestone:

I have 17,500 views!!! 🥰


Did you know that the only way to monetize your Youtube videos is not ads? A lot of people think that they have to create more content, get more subscribers, but many of these ideas are myths.

Why would I want to become a Youtube Partner?

In order to start making money from your videos on Youtube you need to become a Youtube partner.

How do you become a Youtube Partner?

You need to have 1000 subscribers + 4000 hours of view time in a calendar year. –I’m getting closer to this goal – Once you hit this goal you become a Youtube partner.

Once you’re a Youtube partner you can start making “royalties” – money for every video that has over 1000 RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions). I don't want to get too technical but now you’re making money for every video that people click on, month after month!

I share this with you because I started my Youtube Channel in March this year and was throwing spaghetti at the wall, then I invested in a mentor that taught me how to monetize and optimize my youtube channel.

Now I’ve become part of his team and offer Youtube audits and consults to help others grow their channel too. If this is something you’re interested in too just send me a private message by clicking here.

Again, thanks for being part of my growth and if I can support you in your journey, I’m here for you.

To your success!


Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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