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Hey, there – Welcome. I’m Tania Vasallo,

And I’m here to help you get what you want in business and life without making things harder. If you’ve struggled to try to implement all the tactics, strategies and still haven’t seen your money grow it’s because we need to work on mindset and your money energetics. 

As an entrepreneur, mother, international speaker, I’ve discovered that my purpose and dream is to support ambitious, motivated, and successful women like you to learn how to make, keep and grow your money so that you can create a life of freedom and happiness.

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I know EXACTLY what it takes to transform your world – and it can be a whole lot easier and more fun than you think!


If you’re an entrepreneur or want to be one, then The Courage To Be Happy is a great place for you– a global community of women coming together on the subject of prosperity, abundance, and generating a freedom lifestyle.

Our community is full of training programs and events like no other that allow you to align your body, mind, and spirit for success and prosperity. You’ll find ideas, tips, and secrets to inspire, empower and transform your relationship to money, to your business and life.

I was born and raised in Spain, at the end of Franco’s regime in a very patriarchal country and family. With time, I learned that in order to achieve freedom, to be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I needed to cultivate a better relationship with money. I studied under the top business and money mentors and learned about finances so that I could have money work for me instead of me working so hard for my money.

I am here with a big mission: To inspire and empower you as a woman to own your worth, make incredible money doing what you love, and create a time and money freedom lifestyle!

You can try all the different strategies, techniques to make more money, to keep more money. However, if you do not work on the foundation: your money energetics & your money mindset, you will not be able to succeed. You will make it and then spend it, or you will make it and some unexpected circumstances will happen that you have to use up all that hard-earned money.

I am not a financial advisor. I am simply a woman talking about what I’m doing, about what I’m thinking, whom I’m learning from, what it’s been like, sharing what has worked for me and how I’m navigating this money world. You can agree or disagree and take whatever teachings, materials, and resources that resonate with you. Moreover, if none of them does, that is ok too. Plenty of financial advisors and financial planners are out there to follow. I absolutely love transforming women’s mindset so they manifest more abundance, prosperity, and money than they ever dreamed. ​

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