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June 2021 Review

I always like doing year-long reviews especially with my Designing My Life Workbook and saw that one of my mentors had done one of her monthly reviews and I thought, what a great idea, let me give this a try too. If you already do this, kudos! If you don’t I invite you to take a look at the different areas of your life to see how you’re growing. ––Giving you a heads up that it might be a bit long––


I started to pay much more attention to my body and what I’m putting into it, especially after the month of April and May leading up to the event. I realized I was just pushing through. My body has always been strong and you think you can keep on mistreating it with coffee, no regular exercise, etc until one day it just all adds up and you get hit by something.

I have continued to have my green shakes, courtesy of my husband, every morning for breakfast, I have also started a new exercise routine and joined the gym!! Woohoo!

No more coffee, I was always a green tea drinker and for the past several months I just got used to coffee again and now I’ve replaced it with my delicious Blue diamond Chai with a little plant-based milk (oat or almond) and some honey…. delicious!! Don’t miss the coffee!

I’ve been focusing more on my sleep patterns and observing resting heart rate, deep sleep, night interruptions all with my watch. It’s fabulous and I’m doing great, an average of 51 resting heart rate!

Family and Friends

Our nephew and girlfriend came to visit us from Pennsylvania, this was their college graduation gift. It was great to be able to hang out with the younger generation and get to know them better. I loved having my financial and crypto morning talks with my nephew Sam.

Aila finally started camp this month after our family visit left.

Her first camp of choice: Audobon, she continues to expand her knowledge of ornithology, she knows so much about birds. I love learning through her.

She spotted three bluebirds fledging at camp and we also have baby bluebirds nesting in our back yard which we come and check on every day to see how mom and dad are doing at feeding them.

Her second camp has been with Dogs of the southwest which is fabulous, she gets to train service dogs to go on and do their

Ben and I get to enjoy lunches together now that we aren’t homeschooling and Aila is off at camp!!

Blue Bird Fledglings Aila Discovered at Camp Business Elaiza is our new team member at The Courage To Be Happy! She has been hired as a part-time VA and I love knowing that she has my back so that I can focus on my strengths. Creating, teaching, and connecting. That’s what I love doing! I’ve been learning so much through my amazing clients, these women continue to wow me away, and love my group of ladies! We guided Aila through 3 weeks of selling her goods at a little stand she set up at some friend's estate sale. It’s been wonderful to see her grow in this way and for me to remind me of the principles of business, why I chose to be an entrepreneur, and to continue to create freedom in my life. Play, Creativity & Self Care I’ve been loving continuing to write each morning. I also helped Aila make some of her felted necklaces for the stand where she was selling and love sitting with her to create understand felting. This is such a fascinating process of just using a needle and pocking at the wool to give it shape. I also got to go on a 2 day escape up to Pagosa Springs with my family. We had a blast in our Airbnb and at the actual springs. I love exploring new locations! Relationships I’ve gotten to connect with family, with friends, now that things are going back to more of normal life and we can meet outdoors. It’s been great to schedule some tea time, lunches, wines, and dinners with friends and colleagues. And with those that aren’t here in person, I continue to do it over zoom. Connecting with people in my life is so important to me. I love knowing what’s going on for them, sharing where I’m at, and supporting each other. Contribution/spirituality I continue to practice my miracle morning. I love the format of this. For years I had journaled, done morning pages, meditated, exercised, visualize… etc but then you realize you don’t have enough time in the morning. After watching the miracle morning several months ago I continue to put all these practices in place for just 10 minutes each day. I love it!!! When you choose how you want to start the day vs. starting by the reaction –– to the news, emails, calls, family, etc ––it makes such a big difference on how your day evolves. We decided to match Aila’s contribution to the shelter and Wildlife center to get her excited and try and raise more money. Finances Who would have thought that this would be one of my favorite sections to focus on my life. Well… since money = freedom to me, the more I make the more freedom I have. I continue my journey into cryptos and learning with different mentors about this whole new world. I have also been involved in my basics real estate class and learning how to reach out to motivated sellers. Right now I’m more in the learning phase before implementing. We opened up a CESA (Coverdell savings account) for our daughter, Rolled over a portion of my IRA into a Roth, and picked what stocks to invest into my Roth. A lot of movement in the financial sector this month. And at the same time, I’m proud of myself for constantly learning about the different streams of income of how I can make my money work for me instead of me working so hard for money. How many different streams of income do you have set up for yourself? Phew…. that was a long recap of the month but fun to do. What have you been up to this month?

Make More Money.

Make A Bigger Difference.


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