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Celebrating Life

Updated: May 10, 2022

If you are a mother I honor and celebrate you on this day, If you’re not a mother I still honor you as a wise woman that is constantly birthing and juggling life and I invite you to celebrate your mom and all the moms in your life.

Today is a special day not only because it’s mother’s day here in the US but also because it’s my bday! I didn’t used to like having to celebrate mother's day and my bday on the same day (that meant less presents for me, and I wanted to be celebrated on different days. I wanted these special days to be spaced out :)

When it’s someone’s bday I like to always celebrate the bday person as well as celebrate the mom that carried, gave birth and raised the birthday person.

So today has become singular to me since my bday and mother’s day will not coincide again until 7 years from now.


  • I honor and celebrate me as a mom

  • I honor and celebrate me coming to the planet

  • I honor and celebrate my mother for caring me, birthing me and raising me -We all know that’s not an easy job –

  • I honor and celebrate all my ancestors and in particular the ancestral women that went through all their trials and tribulations in order for me to be here.

  • I honor and celebrate each and every mom on this planet!

I also want to share some special traits from my mom:

She has always been smart as a whip, a great listener and a great nurturer.

Some of the multiple fun memories I have of her are dancing rock and roll in the kitchen when we were kids, amazing bday parties and delicious cooking and baking.

I love you mom!

Please reply and share with me some fun memories or characteristics about your mom.

To your prosperity and abundance!


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